The extension of a UAE visit visa is a one-time option, allowing for an additional 30-day stay.
You can electronically apply for a 30-day visit visa extension by paying a fee of Dh750.

Abu Dhabi: The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) has announced that the extension of UAE visit visas will now be limited to a one-time opportunity, permitting an additional 30-day stay upon payment of a Dh750 fee.

A credible source, speaking to a News agency, confirmed that those holding visit visas for visiting relatives or friends in the UAE can now extend their stay for an additional 30 days by paying a fee of Dh750. This new provision, issued by the UAE Cabinet a few weeks ago, strictly permits a single 30-day extension for visit visas.

The authority enables foreign visitors to request visa extensions via the "UAEICP" smart application, with the necessary documents including the original entry permit and a personal color photo.

As per the regulations, the sponsored person must be present in the country during the application for visa extension, and the passport should have a validity of at least six months. The fees for a one-time 30-day visit visa to a relative or friend amount to Dh750, inclusive of various charges such as issuance fee, application fee, smart services fee, and insurance and authority fee.

The authority specifies certain prerequisites for obtaining a visit visa, including the visitor being a relative or friend of a citizen or foreigner residing in the country, along with providing evidence of kinship and reasons for the visit, and meeting the financial guarantee set by the authority.

Moreover, the authority emphasizes that if the application is incomplete or contains incorrect information, it will be automatically rejected after 30 days. Rejection can also occur if the application is returned thrice due to data discrepancies or incomplete documentation.

Refunds of fees will be processed within a certain timeframe, either via credit card within six months of application submission or through specific banking procedures within the country within five years.

The authority aims to simplify the process for residents in the UAE to apply for visit visas for their foreign relatives or friends using the user-friendly "UAEICP" smart application. This initiative is designed to enhance the electronic service experience for customers and cater to the evolving needs of all categories of foreigners and residents in the country.

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