Homegrown Dubai startup Bookmypet secures pre-seed and seed round funding to accelerate growth and innovation
Homegrown Dubai startup Bookmypet secures pre-seed and seed round funding to accelerate growth and innovation Dubai, Monday 29 April, 2024: Bookmypet, a pioneering pet booking platform in the UAE h…

Homegrown Dubai startup Bookmypet secures pre-seed and seed round funding to accelerate growth and innovation

 Dubai, Monday 29 April, 2024: Bookmypet, a pioneering pet booking platform in the UAE has successfully closed its pre-seed and seed funding rounds, propelling the company into its next phase of growth and innovation with a cash injection of over US $1million. 

 Led by Founder and CEO Amer Aqqad, the pre-seed funding rounds included participation from a select group of strategic investors who are part of UAE company Access Bridge Ventures. The funding process itself saw homegrown startup Bookmypet pitch their brand and expansion plans to interested investors who share their vision of providing a convenient and reliable digital platform for pet owners.  

 Bookmypet is more than just an app. Since launching in 2021, they are the first company in the UAE that has managed to successfuly integrate technology and create an app that simplifies booking appointments for pet parents. Aqqad, a pet parent himself, noticed a gap in the UAE pet industry when it came to booking appointments and comparing providers. With extensive experience in the global pet industry, stemming from his tenure at Mars/P&G, he leveraged his business acumen to develop Bookmypet, a straightforward and invaluable platform that has since garnered the affection of over 12,000 users. The Bookmypet app is a one-stop destination where pet parents can effortlessly browse, compare, and book various pet services online. From grooming and veterinary care to boarding, daycare and a pet taxi service, Bookmypet connects users with trusted service providers across the UAE ensuring the highest standards of both convenience and care. The technology used in the app itself creates a personalised approach for pet parents and allows them to seamlessly compare providers across the market.  Aside from its booking features, the app stores pet passport details to allow digital reminders for vaccines which assists owners in maintaining optimal health for their pets. Adding to this, pet parents are rewarded for caring for their pets through the Bookmypet loyalty and cash-back program. The pet community is part of an expanding and lucrative market in the UAE.  With the number of pet owners continuing to rise, there is an increase in demand for convenience, reliability, and transparency when it comes to accessing pet services. Bookmypet effectively meets these demands through its  digital platform, providing personalised recommendations, authentic reviews, and competitive pricing. This not only fosters healthy competition (and thus fairer prices) amongst pet care providers but also ensures higher quality standards which creates enhanced value for pet owners. Closing their pre-seed and seed rounds of funding marks an exciting chapter for Bookmypet as they continue to develop their offerings. They plan to utilise the funding to further develop the technology behind their application which will enable them to expand their reach in the market and ultimately benefit their end user. Along with upgrading their technology and offerings to both pet parents and pet care providers, their aim is to accelerate growth in the UAE to become the region’s Super-App for pets.  Aqqad details the company’s plans for distributing the funding, that will include primarily refining their application to fulfil their commitment to pushing boundaries to ultimately make a meaningful difference in the lives of pets and their families. Aqqad states “As we embark on this journey of growth, it is paramount to us that we continue to elevate and refine the booking experience for our users. By expanding our network of services and providers, we are laying the foundation for a platform that will continue to serve the needs of users in the UAE, but also resonate with pet owners regionally one day.”  Bookmypet was bootstrapped from its conception in 2021 until 2022 and has experienced notable growth in just over two years. Their entrance to the market was a website which allowed them to  learn and understand the challenges of both supply and demand in the UAE pet market. Their pre-seed funding round saw them receive USD $200,000 which allowed them to develop the Bookmypet app and In their most recent seed funding round, they secured an impressive USD $1,000,000. As a company, Bookmypet has achieved 300% growth  since they began with limited spend on marketing and advertising, and instead relies on word of mouth within the pet community and the convenience of their app to spread the word.  The Bookmypet platform currently includes 170 service providers and over 12,000 active users based in the UAE. A key achievement for Bookmypet was first place in the ‘Purina Petcare Unleashed accelerator lab award’ which saw them receive CHF 50,000 to upscale their business as well as 20 weeks of mentorship and supervision by industry experts. Bookmypet’s award win helped to position the UAE at the forefront of the pet-tech world. Out of 130 global companies vying for recognition, Bookmypet took the prestigious accolade, presented by Purina, a subsidiary of the global conglomerate Nestlé. The win underscores the innovative prowess and potential of the UAE’s pet industry on an international scale. For more information about Bookmypet and to start booking your pet services today, download the app HERE or visit their  Website or Instagram page. https://uaenews247.com/2024/05/15/homegrown-dubai-startup-bookmypet-secures-pre-seed-and-seed-round-funding-to-accelerate-growth-and-innovation/
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