A fine of Dh50,000: Dubai Police release video of drivers running red lights and issue a cautionary notice about severe penalties.
The video footage displays eight of the most alarming cases of reckless driving captured on camera.

Dubai Police have issued a reminder to motorists regarding the newly implemented, stricter penalties for running red lights and engaging in reckless driving. Violations of traffic rules now carry a hefty Dh50,000 fine, a 30-day vehicle impoundment, and 23 black points on the driver's license.


In order to emphasize the severity of these offenses, the police have released a video featuring eight shocking instances of reckless driving incidents captured on camera in Dubai. The footage showcases drivers disregarding red lights and colliding with vehicles at intersections. In one disturbing clip, a cyclist is seen tumbling over on a pedestrian crosswalk as a vehicle fails to stop. Another scene depicts a vehicle crashing into a motorcycle that had halted at a pedestrian crossing.

A recent law has classified reckless driving as a serious traffic offense in Dubai, warranting a Dh50,000 penalty. This offense is defined as "operating a vehicle recklessly or in a manner that endangers lives or property." The same fine applies to running a red light, while a more substantial penalty of Dh100,000 is imposed for engaging in street racing.


The amendments to the traffic law have been introduced by the police with the primary goal of enhancing road safety and safeguarding lives and property.


Dubai Police have already enforced this law by imposing Dh50,000 fines in two separate cases last month. In the first instance, a driver was apprehended for tailgating and dangerously overtaking another vehicle, while a few days later, a motorcyclist was arrested for performing stunts on a Dubai highway.

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