Weather-Induced Vehicle Damage in UAE: Does Insurance Provide Coverage?
Drivers are recommended to refrain from parking in areas that are prone to flooding and water accumulation during severe weather.

During the weekend, the UAE experienced significant rainfall and strong winds, causing harm to vehicles and residences. A video shared by the weather monitoring account Storm_ae depicted trees falling onto cars amid the rain, resulting in damage to the car windshields. Hail and forceful winds also caused breakage of car windows and building glass.


In the aftermath, many inhabitants are uncertain about whether their insurance will provide coverage for the damages sustained by their vehicles. Motorists are advised to steer clear of parking in low-lying and waterlogged areas during rainy conditions, as engine damages are generally not included in the coverage offered by most insurers.


Nevertheless, professionals within the insurance industry clarify that car proprietors can seek compensation if their vehicles incur damage from being partially or completely submerged due to the intense rain. Conversely, if a vehicle is parked in a waterlogged location, leading to engine issues, the vehicle owner might not be eligible to initiate a claim with their insurance provider.


Industry experts recommend that drivers opt for comprehensive insurance policies that encompass services like towing and road assistance. These provisions prove invaluable in scenarios involving heavy rains or being stranded on flooded roads.


As for home insurance, insurers indicate that the majority of policies encompass damages caused by rainfall, although the extent of coverage relies on the specific package selected by the policyholder.


Insurance companies are reportedly receiving claims from residents in the days following the rainfall. Insurance brokers and firms assert that the process of settling claims can vary from several weeks to months, contingent upon the extent of the damages.


It is strongly advised to obtain home insurance, as it safeguards the assets and belongings within residents' homes.

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