Tourist Visa Extension in UAE: Filipinos Now Have the Option to Pay Fees in Four Installments - Here's the Process
This service is provided by a recently established online platform owned by Filipinos, dedicated to meeting the community's requirements.

Filipino travelers in the UAE now possess the opportunity to settle their visa extension fees in installments, courtesy of a novel online service.


This innovative option, introduced via the recently inaugurated platform 'Balikbayan Store', stems from the altruistic intentions of Filipina expatriate Michelle Guinto. Her aspiration was to aid her compatriots, or "kababayan," in the UAE who might be grappling with financial constraints.


"We aimed to provide support for fellow Filipinos in the UAE who may wish to prolong their stay in the country but are encountering financial challenges," elucidated Guinto, the founder and CEO of Balikbayan Store, an emerging online platform designed to cater to the community's needs.


Merely two days subsequent to the commencement of the promotional offer, approximately 20 Filipinos have already embraced this opportunity, Guinto added.


Fees for extending tourist visas exhibit variability across different agencies. Through the Balikbayan Store's promotional initiative, visa extension for a month is attainable at approximately Dh900. This amount can be divided into four installments facilitated by the Tabby payment gateway, equating to an approximate monthly payment of Dh225.


Balikbayan Store's primary business operations center around presenting packages of groceries and household appliances, which Filipinos can pay for in installments without incurring any interest. Furthermore, these items can be conveniently dispatched directly to the Philippines.


The provision of visa extension services is facilitated by Balikbayan Store's affiliation with a travel agency, as clarified by Guinto.


The Process of Availing the Service

Interested parties looking to avail themselves of the pay-later visa extension offer can establish contact with Balikbayan Store via WhatsApp. The official website,, features a WhatsApp widget directly linked to the platform's customer service center.


Guinto underscored that this promotion will remain accessible throughout the entire year. As of now, the Balikbayan Store's visa extension service is exclusively accessible to Filipinos.

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