UAE Electric Scooter Fines and penalties - MUST READ
With the aim of enhancing public transportation options in the UAE, the country has witnessed a growing trend among residents who are opting for smaller and environmentally-friendly modes of private transportation.

The ITC has provided a list of fines and penalties that can be imposed on bicycle and electric scooter riders, which are as follows:

For each of the following violations, a fine of Dh200 may be imposed:

  • Riding on the main road.

  • Failure to comply with road directions or traffic signs.

  • Not wearing a protective helmet.

  • Riding without a jacket or reflective clothing in dark areas.

  • Improperly parking the bicycle or electric scooter, obstructing the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.

  • Securing bicycles and electric scooters to street lights or sign posts.

  • Failing to yield to pedestrians at intersections and sidewalks.

  • Not slowing down at pedestrian crossings or riding across them without dismounting.

  • Riding in an unsafe manner given the prevailing weather conditions.

  • Holding onto another moving vehicle while riding.

  • Using running and walking tracks instead of dedicated bicycle lanes.

  • Carrying a heavy load that disrupts the balance of the vehicle.

  • Using a siren that causes disturbance to other road users.

  • Failing to install a white headlight, a red night light or reflector, a red rear light connected to the brakes, or a bike horn connected to the handlebars.

For each of the following violations, a fine of Dh500 may be imposed:

  • Riding on unauthorized roads and areas, including main roads designated for vehicles or walking and running tracks.

  • Riding on the hard shoulder of highways or roads with a speed limit exceeding 40 kilometers per hour.

Please note that these penalties are subject to change and it's advisable to consult the official sources or relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information on fines and penalties for bicycle and electric scooter riders in the UAE.

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